DZK  Logistic- in Mersin, Turkey based international transport company.
Our service is certified with quality management system ISO 9001:2008
Our company is carry ingregular journeys and trips – principal medicals – for complete and partial shipment throughout Turkey and European Countries.
We have been since a long years experience and providing transport services,  from all of Europe toAzerbeidschan, Georgia, Türkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Irak.
But our principal destination is Georgia and Azerbeidschan.
Our vehicles are quipped with reefersystems ( temperatureadjustable) andtilttrucks.
Our haughliersare have all safe drivers and provided behavior and conduct training and act with the principle of safe delivery off shipments to their final destinations with out any problems.
All our transports are under CMR insurance of Europe’s recognized insurance Company Lutz Assekuranz AG.
In addition to complete vehicle transportation, our company has contract signed with ware houses in Slovenia-Trzin, Austria-Linz, Germany-München, Italy-Milano.
For partical consignments to provide beter services for our clients.
We are using this ware house as our storage center for all partial medical consignments destined to Georgia, Azerbeidschan, Iran, Irak, Turkey.
Our service in transport business is to carry the product and / or them erch and is from point to an other point with out delay or allowing them to spoilor deteriorate and present all documents and information regarding the transport to their destinations with out and delay or shortage at the most economiccosts is our basic policy of our company.
Our direct office in Baku Azerbeidschan : KHAZAR LOGISTIK ,
Our direct office in Georgia-Tbilisi : GEO AVROTRANS
Our Office in Slovenia, is direct your ware house in Trzin. So we have every tine control over all services.